Stump Grinding in the Bay of Plenty

Ash and Oak Arborists can also remove tree stumps. Stump grinding eliminates many of the problems associated with traditional stump removal methods, ie excavators and using a chainsaw for things its not designed to do!, and depending on the size of the stump will take no time at all. We can grind out old stumps which have been in your garden for years taking up space and getting in the way of the lawn mower. Ash and Oak Arborists will grind the stump to below ground level and leave your garden tidy.

Stump grinding is the most effective way to get rid of the stumps without leaving a mess in your garden plus there are no harsh chemical treatments needed.

  • Stumps on a lawn are a nuisance so let us grind them out.
  • Grinding also helps to ensure that the tree won’t  grow back!
  • We can take the mulch away or leave it for you to recycle in the garden.
  • We provide a quick, professional and efficient service.