Pruning & Thinning in the Bay of Plenty

Without the exotic and native trees of New Zealand along with shrubs and fruit trees the landscape and gardens would be dull and unappealing. They provide many benefits such as shade, wind protection, pulling moisture form the ground and adding value to property.

The climate in the Bay of Plenty is ideal for a healthy tree population provided they are managed sympathetically and sensibly. 

Ash and Oak Arborists Ltd can provide professional advice on tree and vegetation management followed up with any work that may be required.

Our team will work to your requirements either completely removing all timber and brush or leaving the timber on site cut up as firewood and the brush as chips to be recycled in your garden. We guarantee to carry out a thorough and professional job leaving your property tidy and to your satisfaction.

In addition to our trailed chipper we also have a tracked chipper which can access sensitive gardens or reserves without making a mess, even in wet weather. Along with this we have trucks and trailers for any additional work.

Reduction & Re-Shaping

Many factors affect the way a tree grows, where it has been planted, light, wind, urbanisation and so on. Ash and Oak arborists can offer a service to retain trees by way of Lateral Reductions, Formative Prunungs and Reshaping.

If you are concerned about a tree but don't want to loose it we can offer advice on how best to retain it followed up by the work. Different species of trees need different managing so it is important to get the right advice, other wise there is a potential to cause long term problems for the tree and yourself.

For Removals - Ash and Oak tree removal.